Election latest: 'Days left to save Britain from Labour,' Sunak warns; Starmer tells voters to avoid more 'economic chaos' (2024)

Key points
  • Leaders ramp up attacks as final days of campaigning begin
  • Ed Conway: The science and security of the exit poll
  • Polls open in just three days on 4 July
  • Live reporting by Faith Ridler
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Minister criticises 'celebrating' of Banksy migrant boat inflatable at Glastonbury

Home Secretary James Cleverly is now asked about a migrant boat artwork that appeared above the crowds during a set at Glastonbury.

The inflatable boat, created by Banksy, was filled with dummies designed to look like migrants attempting to cross the Channel.

While the anonymous artist doesn't usually explain his work, he is known for using art to make political commentary and it seems clear the installation was designed to highlight the tragedy of these desperate journeys, which after dipping last year are now rising again.

It was hoisted above the crowd and passed around by festival-goers during Idles' performance on the Other Stage at Worthy Farm on Friday night.

Asked about this, Mr Cleverly criticises what he perceived as "joking and celebrating about criminal actions which cost lives".

He says: "People die - people die in the Mediterranean, they die in the Channel.

"This is not funny, it is vile.

"It is a celebration of loss of life in the Channel."

Mr Cleverly is asked how he knows this installation is not a commentary on the Conservative inability to handle the situation.

He dodges the question, saying he is "determined to break the criminal gangs".

Mr Cleverly says the art installation was "deeply distasteful".


Cleverly attacks Labour on tax and insists: 'We are determined to bring taxes down'

Home Secretary James Cleverly has insisted that the choice at the general election is clear on tax, claiming high levels now are due to "genuinely unique circ*mstances".

He says: "We are committed to cutting taxes.

"Taxes are higher than we would like, we've said that, and as Conservatives we are determined to bring them down.

"Labour will send them up."

Mr Cleverly goes on to reiterate: "We are determined to bring taxes down, we have started to do that.

"That is in contrast with the Labour Party, who we know because they've said so, they're doing to put taxes up."

Later in the conversation with Sky News, the home secretary dismisses that Reform UK is a threat to the Conservatives.

He says there are only two people who could credibly be in Number 10 on Friday: Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer.

"The best case scenario is predicted that Reform UK might get a small number of seats, but in doing so give Labour a huge majority."


Analysis: How Reform fares on Thursday will also determine the Conservatives fate

They came in their droves: thousands of Reform supporters poured into a vast hall in a Birmingham conference centre on Sunday to hear Nigel Farage.

His backers brought with them Union Jacks, and brandished Reform placards. There were even one or two red baseball caps emblazoned with the slogan "Make Britain Great Again", which seemed fitting for an event that felt quite Trumpian in style and tone.

Mr Farage came onto the stage to pounding music, smoke machines, fireworks, and a sea of "it's time for Reform" placards to a 5,000-strong crowd with a speech that spoke about how Britain was broken and it was time for Reform.

He said his party would be the "leading voice of opposition" as he attacked "the establishment" in all its guises, from the Conservative Party to Labour, the BBC, and Channel 4 to the Governor of the Bank of England.


Don't know who to vote for? Here's a very simple guide to what each party is promising

Pledges and promises are coming thick and fast from every party as the general election approaches.

Struggling to keep up with who is saying what?

Here is a summary of where the main parties stand on major issues.

For a more in-depth look at what each party has pledged, scour ourmanifesto checker...


Poll tracker: Where do the parties stand today?

Our live poll tracker collates the results of opinion surveys carried out by all the main polling organisations - and allows you to see how the political parties are performing in the run-up to the general election.

With under a week to go, the Tories and Labour have taken a drop, while support for Reform UK and the Liberal Democrats is on the rise.

Read more about the trackerhere.


Labour condemn 'ludicrous lie' as Tories claim party's asylum policy will cost £635 per family

The Conservative Party has claimed that Labour's immigration plans could lead to a "deluge" of asylum seekers, and tax hikes of £635 per family.

Analysis published by the party days before the general election claims that this rise in taxation would be necessary to cover a "blackhole" in Labour's budget.

Home Secretary James Cleverly claimed that Labour has no credible plan to deter Channel crossings, which have skyrocketed under the Conservatives.

He said: "Right now, all we know is that Keir Starmer would stand on the cliffs of Dover to do a rain dance and hope that stops the boats.

"There would be no deterrent under Labour and that means the business model for people smugglers would still be viable – boats would cross the channel in droves."

But Labour said allegations of tax rises are a "ludicrous lie from an increasingly desperate Tory party".

A spokesperson added: "This so-called Tory analysis is actually a costing of their own failing policies, not Labour's plans which will save the taxpayer billions.

"The Tories have already overspent the Home Office budget by £5bn because they let the asylum backlog soar and failed to stop the criminal gangs.

"If they carry on like this for the next five years they will more than treble those costs."


Secret 'bunker' and 17,000 interviews: The science and security of the exit poll

It is the first big moment of election night. The exit poll is the moment millions tune in for a first sniff of the eventual result of the general election.

And inElection 2024this poll, with its impressive track record, sometimes down to a margin of only a few seats, will, once again, be a key part of broadcasters' coverage - including here at Sky News - on Thursday night.

The current model was devised in 2005 by Professor John Curtice and statistician David Firth and it has been consistently reliable, bar 2015 when the seat numbers suggested a hung parliament and David Cameron scraped a thin majority.

But for the most part, its accuracy has been dependable. In 2010, it correctly predicted the exact number of seats for the Conservatives.

Commissioned by the broadcasters - Sky, BBC and ITV - the fieldwork is carried out by IPSOS UK who will have interviewers at 133 polling stations around the country this year.


Leaders ramp up attacks as frantic final days of campaigning begin

Sir Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak are set to begin a frantic final few days of campaigning as polling day rapidly approaches.

Both men will today reiterate their core messages as they try to motivate their backers to get out to the polling booths on Thursday.

TheLabourleader will impress on the nation that if they want change they "have to vote for it" - while theConservativeleader will warn there are "four days to save Britain from a Labour government".

Mr Sunakis conceding that Labour are on track for a "supermajority", with the opposition having managed to maintain a roughly 20-point lead in the opinion polls, according to theSky News Poll Tracker- somethingSir Keirwill do everything to ensure does not change.


Good morning!

There are just three days to go until the general election - and the gloves are well and truly off in the race to secure the keys to Number 10.

Here's what you need to know today:

  • Both Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer will be on the campaign trail today, beginning a frantic few final days as polling day on Thursday quickly approaches;

  • The prime minister will warn that there are "four days to save Britain from a Labour government", heading to the Midlands to urge voters not to give Sir Keir a "blank cheque";

  • The Labour leader will tellvoters to avoid "waking up on 5 July to five more years of economic chaos" as he accused the Tories of having presided over a "one rule for them and another for everyone else" approach;

  • The Liberal Democrats are set to continue their push to replace the Tories in seats that have traditionally been considered their heartlands on Monday;

  • And the SNP will try to convince Scots to back them as polls show Labour could become the largest Scottish parliamentary contingent once again.

We'll be discussing all this and more with:

  • Home Secretary James Cleverly at 7.15am;
  • Labour frontbencher Jonathan Ashworth at 8.15am;
  • Green Party co-leader Adrian Ramsay at 9.20am.

Follow along for the very latest in the general election campaign.


That's all for tonight

Thank you for joining us on the Politics Hub for live coverage of events on the general election campaign trail today.

Polls open in 3 days and 8 hours - and the campaign is about to enter a frantic phase as politicians spend every last moment fighting for your vote.

Scroll down for all of today's developments - and we'll be back from 6am with the very latest.

Election latest: 'Days left to save Britain from Labour,' Sunak warns; Starmer tells voters to avoid more 'economic chaos' (2024)
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