How Much Is Felipe Valls Worth (2024)

1. Felipe Valls Sr Net Worth 2023: Versailles restaurant Founder ...

  • Sep 7, 2023 路 Felipe Valls sr Net Worth and Financial Insights ; Real Estate, $30 million, 24% ; Investments, $20 million, 16% ; Cash & Equivalents, $10聽...

  • 馃専 Felipe Valls Sr. Net Worth: A Fortune in Millions 馃専 Felipe Valls Sr. was not just any businessman; he was a man with a net worth estimated in the millions of money. His company was highly successful, allowing him to accumulate such wealth. Located at the heart of Miami鈥檚 vibrant Cuban-American community, this remarkable...

2. Felipe Valls, 89, Dies; His Cuban Restaurant Became a Political Hub

  • Dec 5, 2022 路 There is no formula, scoring system or checklist in determining the news value of a life. We investigate, research and ask around before聽...

  • Politicians, protesters and celebrants of happy community news have known where to converge: Versailles, a Miami landmark for Cuban Americans.

3. Press - Versailles Restaurant

4. Program Experience | NYU Steinhardt EdD

  • Felipe Henao. (EdD '21). Dean of Students, New York Institute of Technology, New York, NY. The content of the EdD program is important鈥攖he theory, the research聽...

  • Home聽 | 聽Program Experience

5. About Us - Automattic

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6. 'An Incredible Gentleman': Versailles Founder Remembered for His Legacy

  • Nov 28, 2022 路 Felipe A. Valls Sr., businessman and the owner of Miami's iconic Versailles Cuban restaurant in Little Havana, died Saturday at the age of 89.

  • Some say beloved restaurateur Felipe Valls Sr.聽created the 鈥渧entanita鈥 concept that is now a Miami staple.聽

7. About Us - Globant

  • ... Felipe Miranda. Managing Director US. Karl ... Jose Valls. External Advisor. Martin-Migoya-mm. Martin Migoya. CEO & Co聽...

  • We use the latest technologies in the digital-cognitive fields to transform your organization in every aspect.

8. Versailles had to lay off 400 over coronavirus. Here's why Sedano's ...

  • So it's a natural fit,鈥 Valls Group president Felipe Valls told the Miami Herald. ... We've accomplished so much with them and for them. They've allowed us聽...

  • Sedano鈥檚 Supermarket already carries the Versailles company鈥檚 Cuban coffee. Now it will carry its laid-off employees, as well. The two iconic South Florida businesses announced a partnership Thursday that will employ up to 400 full-time [鈥

How Much Is Felipe Valls Worth (2024)
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