Mr. Hand Pay Bio | Stats, Big Wins & YouTube Highlights (2024)

Jason Boehike prefers to call himself Mr. Hand Pay on YouTube, and it makes sense given the frequency of his jackpot wins. He routinely enjoys the kind of luck that most players chase their entire lives, but gamblers tend to rake in the dough when they’re spending a cool $500 per spin.

Mr. Hand Pay joined YouTube in February 2021, and their popularity has skyrocketed over the past three years. At the time of writing, they’ve earned 491k subscribers on YouTube. They’ve also been hard at work making content. Now, they have 2,122+ videos with 136+ million views.

We’ll be taking a closer look at Mr. Hand Pay’s rise to fame, highlighting his biggest jackpot slot wins, and discussing the kind of content he usually creates. Let’s get started on this influencer.

Mr. Hand Pay Quick Facts

  • After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Economics and a minor in Health Promotion back in 2004, he expanded his high school venture Pro-Coat into something bigger. Eventually, he decided to focus on recording gambling content.
  • Mr. Hand Pay prefers to gamble in person with Sin City’s most popular casinos, but he’s also created a slot game of his own. You’ll need to have a Facebook account to play, but there’s no need to download any software. Goldfish Slots can be played in your browser.
  • Mr. Hand Pay is fond of posting huge wins and epic slot bonuses, but he encourages his viewers to gamble responsibly. In his YouTube bio, he tells his audience that “gambling isn’t for everyone and the odds are against you.” That’s a sobering reminder for sure.
  • You can support Mr. Hand Pay financially if you want to purchase his products online. He runs a merch store on Creator Spring. He sells branded beanies, shirts, and tote bags. If you don’t mind shelling out a few extra bucks for a sweater, his products are high-quality.
  • Jason has a second YouTube channel called “JasonWasTHERE.” He’s accumulated just 9.67k+ subscribers at the time of writing, but he publishes more personal content here. If you’re interested in getting to know Jason behind the scenes, peek through 196+ videos.

Where to Find Mr. Hand Pay

Channel Highlights

Most Popular Video: It’s Time: I Won The Biggest Jackpot Of My Life!!!!!

Mr. Hand Pay’s most popular video was uploaded to YouTube on October 1, 2023. Since then, he’s received 1.6+ million views. When you’re dealing with high-limit progressive jackpot slots, is it any surprise that so many people want to live vicariously through Mr. Hand Pay?

In this hour-long video, he clarifies that he’s betting a staggering $500 per spin for the entirety of the slot session. He’s filming all the action at Hard Rock Hollywood, where he uses his free play credits to play Buffalo Link. He’s pleasantly surprised when he triggers a random bonus feature.

He starts with $7,700+ in his bankroll, and he slowly ups the ante from $100 to $200 to $300 per spin. He soon moves up to $400 and finally $500 per spin. Just when it seems as if hope is lost, Jason gets a “Lucky Chance Spin” and ends up with $20,382 in free play. Amazing come back!

Not satisfied with his current bounty, Jason keeps betting $500 per spin without much luck. In a few minutes’ time, they’d whittle their bankroll down to $627.50 before they landed a bonus that would make their nights much better. They ended up winning $11,500 to ease the pain of losing.

He gets it down to $1,500 before winning $4,500 to get $6,000. Unfortunately, this quickly turns into nothing as he unsuccessfully guns for the Grand. After getting another Lucky Chance Spin and winning a respectable $15,000, he was back on the grind. He quickly burned through $30k.

Towards the end of the video, it’s revealed that Jason won almost double the Grand Jackpot. He took home $94,925, which is nearly twice the Grand Jackpot prize of $45,827. Lucky man, huh?

SlotsFan Ranking

At the time of writing, Mr. Hand Pay ranks 5th out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve earned 107,000+ new subscribers since October of 2023. To see where Mr. Hand Pay ranks now, check out the latest version of the Slots Influencer Rankings.

Schedule: New Videos

Mr. Hand Pay understands the importance of producing new videos for his viewers to enjoy on a daily basis. If you want to be among the first viewers to see his latest uploads, be sure to check the channel between 3 PM and 8 PM (EST). This is usually when he posts the most frequently.

He also updates his Facebook whenever he decides to post something on YouTube. His TikTok is a collection of highlight reels more than anything else. As we expected, Jason pays a bit less attention to his secondary YouTube channel. However, his Instagram is a great source of info.

Origin Story

Jason Boehike wasn’t always one of YouTube’s most popular slots influencers, but how was he able to climb to the top of the charts in three short years? He’s made the kind of progress most influencers would be lucky to enjoy in a decade, and it seems as though he cracked the code.

He mixes exciting slot footage with down-to-earth commentary that reflects his friendly, relatable personality in a unique way. There’s nothing not to like about Jason. When he’s not busy playing slots in Vegas, he’s likely tending to his landscaping business, which he started in high school.

Jason posted his first slots video in October 2021, and he received just 2.1k+ views. After taking a step back to improve production quality, his fame went through the roof once his viewers got a whiff of how much cash he was spending on his favorite slots. He had a bankroll that didn’t end.

At the beginning of 2022, his channel began to take off. Since then, he’s been steadily climbing to the top spot on our Slots Influencer Rankings list. He averaged between 20k and 30k views per upload for almost a year before he started gaining more attention and receiving more likes.

His most popular video to date was published five months ago at the time of writing, and all his viral content was recorded during the second half of 2023. He’s earned just shy of a million and over a million views on eight separate occasions, certifying Jason’s popularity as an influencer.

As the year marches onwards, we expect Mr. Hand Pay to gain even more subscribers on all his platforms. In total, one million people are watching Mr. Hand Pay’s videos on social media sites.

Biggest Wins

Mr. Hand Pay hasn’t broken the seven-figure barrier just yet, but five and six-figure jackpot wins are commonplace for Jason. We’re taking a closer look at his three biggest jackpot prizes below.

December 3, 2023: $105,789.52 on Coin Trio: Piggy Burst (Talking Stick Resort)

Mr. Hand Pay’s largest jackpot was filmed at the Talking Stick Resort, where he won a whopping $105,789.52 on Coin Trio: Piggy Burst. Jason was betting $120 per spin when he got the bonus round and filled the screen with fifteen coins, thereby unlocking the Grand Jackpot of $92,000.

October 1, 2023: $94,925 on Buffalo Gold (Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino)

In another larger-than-life jackpot win, Jason was betting $500 per spin on Buffalo Gold at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. He started off with $23,000 in his bankroll, and he won a respectable $6,000 before collecting nine buffalo heads and winning $72,000 from the multiplier.

May 14, 2023: $22,350 on Lightning Dollar Link (Casino Unknown)

Mr. Hand Pay hasn’t disclosed the location of the casino where he won more than the grand jackpot on Lightning Dollar Link, but he found himself $22,350 richer after filling up the bonus screen with 11 of the 15 trophies needed to win the actual Grand Jackpot prize of $20,404.16.

Community and Giveaways

After looking through 100+ posts on Jason’s Facebook page and the “Community” section on YouTube, we can see that Jason has done giveaways in the past. However, they were mostly used for content. For example, he’s giving this woman $200 to use on a particular slot game.

He’s done this multiple times, but it’s not clear when he’ll decide to be generous once again. If you catch him playing jackpot slots in the high-limit room, your chances of getting free money are higher than average. If you have any business-related questions, send him an email here.

Mr. Hand Pay Bio | Stats, Big Wins & YouTube Highlights (2024)
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