Living a Purposeful Life

The process of living a purposeful life rewards many benefits, but if you’re feeling lost, it can be overwhelming to start this journey, just ask Little Foot Learning Center. If you’ve encountered feelings of emptiness, depression, or unhappiness, it could be because you are not acting in alignment with your most authentic desires, out of subconscious or conscious avoiding of your most profound truths. It can sometimes be painful to examine your life in an honest, unbiased, nonjudgmental way, but if and when you do, you can begin your journey towards a purposeful life.


You can begin your journey with mindfulness. When you are feeling emotional pain or suffering, pick a simple mantra to repeat to yourself in a meditative way. When you stop and take account of your surroundings, you can realize that your life is in no real danger, and focus your attention on what is ailing your heart. Practice your mantra meditatively 10-20 minutes per day when you begin to feel anxious or uneasy due to emotional duress.


You can continue your mindfulness practice by journaling every day. Take stock of what happened in the day and how each event made you feel, and evaluate which things fed you and which things took away from your life? Allow yourself to write freely and honestly without judgment for just a few minutes a day. The more information you have on what gives you life and what takes away from it can get you farther on your path towards a purposeful life.


While you’re journaling, write down your life story. What have been the obstacles you faced? The successes? Which were the choices that led you down these paths? Who have you surrounded yourself with in your life, and have they been positive additions that have kept you authentic to your own integrity and on your path to purposeful living? Writing your life story can help you identify what is important to you and where you’ve found success in staying true to yourself, enabling you to implement these qualities on your steps towards living a purposeful life.


Pay attention to your dreams by documenting them when you wake up. Whether or not you believe dreams are prophetic in any way, they are an outlet for the unconscious mind to work out its issues. Examining your dreams can lead you to understand how you truly feel about something and make decisions based on your truest feelings.


Practice all of these tips with mindfulness, self-compassion, and without judgment. And remember, living a purposeful life is its own life-long journey, so patience and generosity is required, visit the website to learn more.

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